Baby’s thinking has me thinking

There I was today singing and waving my arms around, flapping bits of fabric and waving toys at bubs at a baby sensory class and he reacted with completely arbitrary smiling, whimpering, crying or nothing. And it got me thinking – what’s he thinking? What’s going on in his fuzzy little bonce? Is he basically on the same level as my cat?IMG_0032

He’s certainly developing more – Catnik has stayed pretty much the same for the last 16 years bar an exciting moment when he learned to give a paw on demand.

The thing is, how does he think without language? How does he analyse and process what he’s encountering? Maybe he doesn’t. Perhaps ‘thinking’ requires language and he’s doing something else. Strange thing is I’ve obviously done it all myself albeit many years ago but of course I have no idea what I was doing then either. Maybe I don’t know because I didn’t have language. I wonder if we don’t really form memories until we have some comprehension of language.

I realise there will be some book out there that would no doubt explain these things to me (probably by Groucho Marx; I mean Sir Robert Winston) but I don’t have time to read it as I have baby sick to wash out of my hair.



I am new special types of tired these days. But not the sort of tired that seems to necessitate actual sleeping because there’s washing and putting away and tidying and rearranging (a lot of rearranging) and and and…

As soon as he is asleep I always mean to have a little nap but either I can’t put him down without risking waking the Kracken or I do manage to put him down (think the scene at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy has to pick up the gold head without triggering the giant booby trap) but decide to quickly do just one thing which snowballs into 45 minutes of manic cleaning and tidying until the inevitable.

Yet it’s not too bad. Not the shaky, dry-mouthed, sick sort of tired. (Because that sort of tired is probably just a hangover and I don’t get those anymore.) It’s like my body isn’t allowing me to be as tired as I am sure I ought to be. I think there must be some sort of natural amphetamine that is released during childbirth. Presumably it’s going to wear off at some point soon though. Oh crap…Image